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Claas W. Brons P&I Correspondent, Marine Insurance and Claims Services
Claas W. BronsP&I Correspondent, Marine Insurance and Claims Services



The founder of the company, Claas Wessel Brons, was born into an established merchant’s family in Emden on 21st January 1845.


Claas W. Brons was founded on 1st July 1871 and carried out business in merchant handling.


In connection with the newly founded Protection & Indemnity Clubs Claas W. Brons moved into the market and opened loss commissioner’s offices in the Hamburg region and other German ports.


As a result of the two World Wars many of company’s activities came to a standstill. Unfortunately the founder of company did not live to see the reactivation of the business after the 1st World War as he died on 27th February 1918.


The business was taken over by his nephew Georg Brons.


After a few problems in the beginning he was successful in recovering connections with the Protection & Indemnity clubs. The increase in traffic especially British vessels in the Port of Hamburg lead to considerable growth in the company’s activities in comparison to before the war.  Greater developments of the company came after the World War II as the owner’s son Heiko Claas Brons joined the company and took over the business in 1972.


Today the company is run by brothers Claas-Henning and Jan-Wessel Brons. With the assistance of its staff of highly qualified claims executives, all with a legal and/or nautical background, Class W. Brons serves the world-wide P&I Community in all German ports. Claas W. Brons is appointed as correspondent for almost all P&I Clubs of the International Group. Correspondency services are also rendered to several other marine liability providers and H&M insurers.


Besides, the company acts as marine insurance broker and provides tailor made insurance cover for its ship owning and chartering clients.



Claas W. Brons

Your experts for tailor made insurance solutions and claims consultancy

P&I correspondent for all major German ports

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