Claas W. Brons

Claims hotline

In case of emergency experienced claims  handlers and marine / cargo surveyors will be available 24/7:



+49 172 911 49 94



+49 151 400 67 233


Claas W. Brons P&I Correspondent, Marine Insurance and Claims Services
Claas W. BronsP&I Correspondent, Marine Insurance and Claims Services


For an overview on the marine related insurances offered by Claas W. Brons please look here.


Claims Services

Claas W. Brons' experienced staff provides claims handling consultancy in all kind of casualties and operational/marine surveys.

P&I Correspondent

As one of the oldest P&I Correspondents worldwide

Claas W. Brons looks back on more than 130 years of service for the P&I community.


Claas W. Brons

Your experts for tailor made insurance solutions and claims consultancy

P&I correspondent for all major German ports

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